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Mixing Colors

posted Jan 11, 2011, 9:42 AM by K Day

Today we pulled out the color mixing science kit. Taka' had so much fun! It's a very simple idea that can really go a long way in a lesson. We started with dropping color tablets into test tubes of water. By putting the colors in the test tubes (or other clear container) the child can "mix" the colors while they are still in the tube (or container). By holding the yellow and red test tubes side by side Taka could see how they made orange. 

Once we finished that we then began mixing the colors in a mixing tray. (You could also use clear cups.) This opened the door to talking about Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors. Which then went into the Color Wheel, Roy G Biv, as well as contrasting and complimentary colors. 

This was a really fun and easy lesson to do and Taka' loved it! I'm including some of our white board pictures as this was mainly a verbal lesson and I didn't write any actual material for it.