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The Garden

posted Apr 30, 2011, 9:32 AM by K Day

Every year we plant a small garden in our back yard. This is the second year we are trying to grow our garden from seeds and we are trying to remember lessons learned from last year. 
Our friends at Trogg's Hollow suggested we cover our seeds at night to keep them toasty warm, which seems to have helped - A LOT. Between seeding early, keeping them in a warm sunny area, not letting them dry out and keeping them covered they are doing pretty well. Our pumkins started out like this
but now they look like this!

Taka has always been a sensitive little guy but working with the seeds, watching them grow from tiny sprouts has increased his understanding of being gentle, patience and caring from something that is completely dependent on you. Not to mention this has also been a great scientific learning experience. 

Some funny things he has learned along the way include 
-The cats liked the mint more than they liked the catnip! The catnip sprouts are still alive and kicking. The mint sprouts - not so much.
-Sprouts don't grow 3 inches overnight. Although he has noticed that the more sun they get the quicker they seem to grow. 

Yesterday we worked in the garden to remove the weeds that have sprouted since winter, turn the soil to make it nice and soft for our sprouts and get it ready to add our compost before tilling again. I was pleasantly surprised as he worked the garden with me for an hour or so, without complaint and with a happy heart. I guess it's true what they say, gardening is good for the soul :) I hope you'll try it!