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Street Sweeper

posted Jan 25, 2012, 9:30 AM by K Day


Today we pulled out one the of Lego Education Kits and looked for something interesting to build. Taka' found the "Sweeper" exercise and we began. As always I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lego Education for the math. Taka first learned about ratio's and percentages thru Lego Ed and continues to strengthen his understanding of fractions thru Lego today. 

Today's challenge was to help Jack and Jill clean up the park. They had a cart and brooms and wanted to have fun doing it, quickly. The Lego Ed kits comes with the full story, build instructions and ideas for making changes. We almost always do the Lego ideas and then Taka will spend an hour or so making his own modifications. By maiing the changes in the drive and driven gears and letting the kiddo's play with each version they really "get" what the differences are in the ratios. I love it when learning is so easy and it's always great fun! 

Below you will find our little video of the sweeper doing it's job. I also took a few pictures of the story line and "teacher" pages in case someone is wondering what they look like. 

Happy Building!

Lego Sweeper