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Sunflower Houses and Bean Tee Pees

posted Dec 29, 2011, 10:12 AM by K Day
I love to garden! At least that's what I tell myself and it's true for the first part of the summer.  Somehow we always seem to drift away from our beautiful garden at some point and by the end of summer we have a full grown mess to clean up. Although we do still harvest quite a bit from the mess :) 

That being said, we are about to embark on a major home remodeling project that will undoubtedly turn our already busy life into full blown chaos. Hence maintaining a garden is low on the priority list. Fortunately for us we have friends who run a CSA! So this year we will be getting our organic veggies from our friends :) Woo Hoo!!!!! However, I still want to grow something... I've been trolling the garden websites and have found super cool things ~ A Sunflower House and a Runner Bean Tee Pee! I think Taka would love either or both of them so I think this is what we will do this year. Beans and Sunflowers :) 

Here are the web links for both projects. I hope ours will turn out as well but cross your fingers for us :)

I love the way they intersperse other plants and why. This would be a great lesson in learning about how plants can help protect one another, help each other grow, etc. 

Recommended flowers include Mammoth Grey Stripe which grow to 12 ft tall. It is recommended to intersperse a large flower with flowers that only grow to be about 4 feet tall. This way the kiddos can be eye to eye with some of the sunflowers. 

Also consider growing camomile and catnip as they are soothing to children. Although the poster planted mint, I would not. Mint has a way of overtaking everything... I may add some planters with mint though as it does have a beautiful aroma and would do nicely with the camomile. 

If the link above didn't work try copy & paste:  http://www.rain.org/~philfear/sunflowerhouse.html

I think I'll start with either scarlet runner beans or painted lady bears or maybe both. Both have great flowers!