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Pencil Tote

posted Nov 10, 2011, 7:24 PM by K Day
Pencil caddy
As homeschoolers we aren't "tied" to a certain room or place in which we do our "work". This is often a GREAT thing but sometimes can prove challenging as we take time to gather all of our materials for any given project. Most often we are missing pencils, sharpeners, colored pencils or crayons, rulers, scissors, etc. A typical pencil case just doesn't do the trick for everything so I thought I would try a craft ~ yes, me, a craft... 

When I was in grade school, at the beginning of every school year, my mom would make me a "carry-all". At the time they were made out of Bottled Soda Pop cartons which carried 6-8 bottles of soda. Since those are no longer available I've used a carton used for 4 bottles of soda. It's quite simple to make and really does the trick. 

What you'll need to do this project:
- Carton
- Contact Paper (self adhesive)
- Scissors
- 30-60 minutes (depending on your craftiness)
-Stuff to fill it with

-Begin by laying the largest side of the carton on the contact paper and making a pattern. 
-Cut out the paper, remove the backing and adhere to carton
-Use the back of the original pattern to make another. (adjust if needed) 
-Repeat the first 3 steps for the 2 smaller sides of the carton. However, make these extra long to cover about half of the bottom of the carton. (This will help make the carton sturdier, seal seems and keep it protected from liquids.)
-Finally cover the handle area of the carton. (This can be tricky. I covered the entire handle and then cut out the hole.)
-Fill with classroom goodies :)