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A Fist full of Dad Dollars

posted Sep 5, 2010, 9:30 PM by Kimber Coombes   [ updated Nov 10, 2011, 12:03 PM by K Day ]

Several months ago we were sitting in our Dentists waiting room and I happen across a "Family Fun" magazine. I had never seen this magazine before but found it quite a good read as a mom. One of the articles that captured my attention was the article about Dad Dollars, which you should be able to find HERE.  If the link no longer works, Google A Fist Full of Dad Dollars. The story gives readers an insight into a tool this family has found useful in helping their children achieve independence. In essence each child earns "Dad Dollars" by completing age appropriate tasks within a given time frame, which they can exchange for rewards. 

The thing that makes Dad Dollars unique is that you can custom print them with Dad's face on them. You could also call them Mom Dollars and print mom's face on them as well. At you can download a picture of your favorite parent and print out custom dollars. 

I always find it interesting to see how other parents "value" things like making the bed, feeding the animals, etc and below are a few of the example used in the article. 

$3.00 per day 

Child #1 - Make bed, brush teeth, pick up room, empty dishwasher, let the dog out

Child #2 - Make bed, brush teeth, pick up room, load of laundry, feed the dog out

Child #3 - Make bed, brush teeth, pick up room, silverware, etc.

Extra Chores 

Clean Bathroom = $5

Vacuum one floor = $5

Wash Car = $10

Clean Kitchen = $5

Reading to sibling = $2-$5

This article even gives ideas on how the kids can spend the "Dollars"

  • Friend over after school = $10.00
  • Soda with Dinner = $3.00
  • Sleep Over = $10.00
  • TV, Video games, computer = $5
  • Playdate = $15.00
There are more tips and tricks to Dad Dollars in the article and I encourage you to take a look and support a cool magazine for moms. Or check out how another homeschooling mom made Dad Dollars work for her family @ myblessedhome or HERE

 on her blog HERE.