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Games - Playing while you learn

posted Dec 31, 2010, 6:34 AM by K Day
Takayiyo LOVES to play games. He still kind of relates them to being a "Big Kid" because he is learning "rules" and playing the "grown up" games. We, the parents, love games that reinforce something Taka is learning or working on. After all some of the best learning happens when the kiddo's don't know they are learning:) Below is a list of some of our favorite games and why we like them. Hopefully one of them will inspire you to play with your child today!

Monopoly - Playing Monopoly has really helped reinforce Taka's understanding of money, cost, value, percentages and so on.

SET - This is an incredibly addictive game that reinforces abstract ideas like creative and critical thinking as well as recognition and deductive reasoning. This can be played by all ages and an adult who has never played doesn't necessarily have an advantage over the kids. 

Perplexus - Talk about addictive! This is really more of a 3D puzzle. When Taka first got it he played it for hours at a time. Even after weeks of use, he'll pick it up a few times a day to play on a whim. Again, this reinforces more abstract concepts and is super FUN!

Scrabble - Of course Scrabble is great for helping kids to learn new words and spell. Fore younger kids just starting out I've found it helpful to have an extra set or 2 of the letter tiles. By giving them more letters to work with it helps them "find" their words easier.  

Equate - This is scrabble with numbers instead of words. This game reinforces simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Again, if you can get your hands on an extra set of tiles you can use your imagination to customize this game for your little one. For instance, we remove the multiplication and division tiles and only do addition and subtraction for now. 

If you have a favorite game that promotes learning and is a lot of fun I'd love to hear about it!

Happy gaming!