About Mommy
I am a stay at home mom who left corporate America to spend more time with our family and get back to basics. 

Why Homeschool?
Because we can! I've found that most parents choose to homeschool for very personal reasons. The reasons vary from family to family but in most cases those reasons are of a personal nature; be it religious, political, extremist or other. We are no different, our reasons are personal :) 

Our Homeschool philosophy... 
would be called "eclectic". We explore the world around us and love to learn about everything, any way we can. Our overall goal is to teach our son to practice the Golden Rule, have good manners, respect people of all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, and to develop his own beliefs based upon a holistic worldview that he can articulate with grace and confidence. 

What is Takayiyo (Tah-Kah-Yahi-Yoh)?
When our son was about 18 months old he would suddenly blurt out "Takayiyo"!  We had no idea what he was saying. Being new parents we thought perhaps this was common babyspeak and asked all of our friends and family with small children about this word. No one knew what it meant, not even Google. One day we were watching a nature show on t.v. and he started yelling "Takayiyo, Takayiyo, Takayiyo!!!" We soon realized that he was saying "Crocodile". This was just one of the many hilarious and joyous moments he has brought into our lives.

What is homeschooling to us? 
I sometimes laugh (on the inside) when people ask me about our homeschool philosophy. Webster's defines homeschooling as "1. To teach (ones children) at home instead of sending them to school, 2. to educate ones children at home." In our home, homeschooling is about exploring the world around us, learning about things that interest Takayiyo and removing the limits, boundaries and expectations of a traditional school. 

Our homeschool is filled with love, laughter, imagination and immense curiosity. Our personal educational philosophies are grounded in Child Led Learning and trying to truly create a life long love of learning in our son. If he is truly interested in what he is learning he will seek the knowledge and grow to love the process by which he learns. I simply remove the barriers to his learning, provide him with opportunities to explore his interests and build upon what he knows while introducing resources to help him along the way.

What does our homeschool look like? 
Although we do a lot of learning outside of the house, I have tried to create a peaceful place for Takayiyo to "work" on some of the more traditional aspects of learning. Since he spent 3 years in Montessori it made sense to maintain the familiarity of a Montessori type environment. Here are a few pictures of our "Classroom".

Should you have any questions about the site or it's content please email me @ Takayiyo@gmail.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.